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About Zebor Technology

Zebor Technology develops and sells the market’s fastest, most cost effective and scalable application platform (BIOS+OS) for Intel Atom based products, platforms and integrated systems, maintaining high quality standards giving a very robust product.

Zebor was founded 2006 and delivered the first products 2007. Since Nov 2009 the primary focus is on Industrial Embedded (multimedia enabled) Atom based PC-boards. The focus is to market and develop the BIOS product to Industrial PC boards, followed by an operating system that can accelerate different Linux versions.

The main advantage using Zebor platform and Atom based applications will be found in industrial applications requiring fast start up-time and battery driven equipment or cost-critical applications enabling use of cheaper hardware.


Zebor Management                                    

Berth-Olof Bergman, Chief Technology Officer

Berth-Olof Bergman,
Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Berth-Olof Bergman has more than 20 years experience from software and hardware development and taking ideas to complete marketable products. His vast experience ranges from single-handedly building the information system for the Stockholm Stock Exchange (SIX), and completing the Swedish ATM-system. Berth-Olof was a founder of the Swedish set-top-box company Tilgin. 

Gustaf Sandmark, Board Member

Gustaf Sandmark
Business Development Manager

Gustaf has his background in the Nordic IPC business with experience in both software & hardware development. Since 2008, Gustaf has been building Asian - Nordic partnerships (with focus on Taiwan and China) leading several ODM & OEM hardware projects intended for end applications on the Nordic market.

Magnus Rehn, Board Member

Magnus Rehn
Board Member

Business coach at Stockholm Innovation and Growth, formerly CEO and founder of TagMaster, management positions from Autofill, Scandecor, Enea OSE Systems and Radiosystem AB. Long experience from the embedded market, and has experience in turning around companies, and from positions in sales and marketing management.

Björn Berg, Board Member

Björn Berg
Board Member

Björn is an experienced investor and leader of high-tech companies and has worked as R&D manager, CEO and Chairman of companies in the embedded industry. Specializes in financing and business development in growth and innovations driven companies.




Fixed Price
Embedded Systems
Suitable in all kind of embedded computer systems based on the Intel x86 architecture
Renewable Energy
Set-top Boxes
IP-TV,  measurement tool for IP-TV streams and speeds
Non-PC applications
Industrial PC´s, Tablets, Smartphones, Internet-TV
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