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Zebor Technology´s platform is suitable in all kind of embedded computer systems based on the Intel x86 architecture which can be found in almost all electronics today such as set-top boxes, in car entertainment systems and in industrial robots, often based on standard computer boards.


Zebor Technology’s focus is on delivering high-performance, power-efficient multimedia-enabled embedded computer systems

  • Both for products in industrial usage as well as consumer products
  • On power-saving x86 processors, with minimal start/boot-time
  • With a focus on Intel Atom based Boards

Zebor Products




ZBIOS is computer BIOS designed for fastest speed, high efficiency and complete reliability. It is compatible with most intel x86 chipsets with a special focus on Atom boards and can support most of the modern OS used in industrial environment now a days.

Zebor has achieved the high performance in ZBIOS by spending a large amount of development efforts on reducing the BIOS start-up time while maintaining all necessary standards.


Here are some key features that define ZBIOS


Fastest Speed

ZBIOS has a fully optimized code that makes it world’s fastest BIOS. Depending on the hardware, ZBIOS can boot a system within approximately 1 second. ZBIOS avoids any unnecessary hardware tests and initializations, executing only mandatory POST (Power On Self Test) processes.


ZBIOS also makes use of full 255 sectors that API allows on any media, while other BIOS can not handle 255 sectors , and can not read all those 255 sectors as a chunk. This prominently reduces the time needed to load the image.


For an API in BIOS disk services, number of sectors parameter for read, write or verify can be specified between a value of 0 – 255. Most BIOSes cannot handle the full amount of sectors that the API allows and fail or even hang on different quantities depending on media. However, ZBIOS can support maximum 255 sectors on any media, even on legacy DMA based floppy I/O. All these 255 sectors can be read as one chunk. This reduces total number of calls needed to load the image and saves booting time further.



Industrial Standards

ZBIOS complies with the latest ACPI version 2 standards. It provides full support for the System Management BIOS specifications and VGA BIOS specifications. ZBIOS also provides support for all C-States (C0-C6), which makes ZBIOS capable of optimizing power and performance according to the demand of the system. ZBIOS supports Enhanced HCI (EHCI) and Universal HCI (UHCI) standards, maintaining full core compatibility and providing Legacy support for USB HID (human input device) and USB mass storage hardware.



ZBIOS is adapted to a number of x86 chipsets on the embedded market with a focus on Atom based boards. Among these are boards from AAEON, Advantech, Avalue, Axiomtek, Congatec, Hectronic, Kontron, Nexcom, Portwell, and others.


ZBIOS® supports the first generation Intel Atom CPUs: Z5xx and N2x0, as well as the second generation Intel Atom CPUs: N4X0/N5X0/D4X0/D5X0 and also E6x00 today, with full support of the common chipsets (945 GSE, ICH7, Poulsbo etc).


ZBIOS supports most of the modern Operating Systems used in the industrial environment nowadays. Amongst them are Windows XP Embedded and Windows 7 and Linux (tested on the most popular distributions such as Ubuntu and Debian, as well as Tiny Linux), Also it supports ZDOS, Zebor Technology’s own operating system.


Simple Customization and Maintenance

ZBIOS has a very modular code hence configuration and maintenance of ZBIOS is very simple and straightforward.


ZBIOS is pre-configured and it takes care of most internal settings itself which saves users from all the unnecessary hassles and leaves them with least configurations to worry about.

However, if required, ZBIOS can be further configured and customized for customer’s platform upon request.


Differentiation Factor

As OEMs struggle to differentiate amongst themselves, ZBIOS with its fastest speed, easy maintenance and highly reliable performance can be the best source of differentiation.



Custom boot devices can be added on request.
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ZDOS is a 32-bit real time OS for the X86 CPU family, written entirely in assembly language for maximum performance. ZDOS was developed as a 32-bit replacement of 16-bit DOS, but with modern features like multi tasking, demand paging, SMP etc..


As a BIOS vendor we also integrated a complete 32-bit BIOS within ZDOS, in order to give programmers similar flexibility & freedom they get with using DOS. With ZDOS you can do every thing you used to do, but now in a full 32-bit, multitasking environment. You can create 32-bit, multi tasking processes with a lot of threads, invoking safe reentrant 32-bit BIOS and DOS API calls.




ZDOS is fully backward compatible with 16-bit applications using BIOS and DOS APIs. These BIOS and DOS calls are handled entirely by 32-bit code, leaving more memory available between 640K to 1MB, since ZDOS maps locations used by the 16-bit BIOSes to upper memory blocks.


Old 16-bit applications runs in their own virtual machines in parallel with 32-bit processes.



Development tools

ZDOS comes bundled with the Open Watcom tool chain and includes everything needed to develop applications in C, C++ and assembly.


For your convenience, the tool chain can be run in both ZDOS and Windows host environments.

Our powerful C run time libraries, covering every 32-bit BIOS, DOS or kernel function are also included as a complement to the standard libraries.


The source level debugger can be run remotely using TCP/IP, UART or other connections.

As Open Watcom is open software, you will have full source on the complete tool chain, including our custom run time libraries.




ZDOS will outperform any of the 32-bit operating systems on the market today. In fact ZDOS is more than 10 times faster than the fastest of our competitors products.


With ZDOS you are able to get more work done on a 100MHz CPU than our competitors on a 1GHz CPU. ZDOS reduces product cost as slower CPUs and support circuits are much cheaper than faster ones.


You can also use ZDOS on a very fast CPU, to do things not possible with other operating systems.


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Embedded Systems
Suitable in all kind of embedded computer systems based on the Intel x86 architecture
Set-top Boxes
IP-TV ,  measurement tool for IP-TV streams and speeds
Non-PC applications
Industrial PC´s, Tablets, Smartphones, Internet-TV
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