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Zebor Technology Support works when you do. Services include person-to-person help lines, a broad and deep knowledge base, and Web-based support to solve problems as they arise. Our Support Team also provides details on Zebor Technology products and services that can help you overcome obstacles or take your implementation of our technology to the next level.


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Zebor Technology provides training to help you understand and learn about its products in more detail. Training is designed to enable you to become an expert in using Zebor products and help you make best usage out of them in your own businesses. If you are interested in getting to know more about the technology behind Zebor products contact us at:





Fixed Price
Embedded Systems
Suitable in all kind of embedded computer systems based on the Intel x86 architecture
Renewable Energy
Set-top Boxes
IP-TV, measurement tool for IP-TV streams and speeds
Non-PC applications
Industrial PC´s, Tablets, Smartphones, Internet-TV
  Supported Board Vendors:      
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